The icon to the left that displays a monitor screen with an arrow at the center is the “Screen Share” icon. After you enable a video call, you will notice two icons at the bottom of the screen. Navigate to your “Homepage” by clicking on the Discord icon that is located at the top left of the screen. Navigate to the “Video Settings” and select your video camera.

  • Make sure when you are trying to stream the program running with admin privileges and then try to share your screen.
  • Well, stick by the end of this post to get a handful of proven-to-work methods and helpful tips.
  • Even just using a basic image editor like MS Paint can work to save your screen capture.
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  • You can also bypass geo-restrictions and view such services as Netflix, BBC, Disney+, and other popular streaming services without limitations, regardless of where you are.

The four detailed methods to follow for taking a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop are given as under. Screenshots help us a lot in saving a screen for later referencing, saving, as well as sharing with others. Here we discussed the six best methods of taking a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop. So, this is the easiest and quick method to take a click here screenshot of the complete screen.

How To Screenshot On A Toshiba Tablet Guide

Installing a solid state drive with a sound read time can considerably reduce boot time of your system. You can take a technicians help to do this or if you know it well, you too can do it. However, any wrongdoing can ruin your operating system. So mount your SSD well and address Windows 7 slow startup issue well. Bloat Soft Ware is a kind of software which will occupy a lot of hard disk storage space. It is a notorious criminal to slow down Windows 7.

How Do You Watch A Movie On Discord?

Once the app has uploaded, click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner. In this article, we will discuss various reasons for Discord screen sharing and solutions to fix the problem.